Knockdown and Rebuild


If you own a property with a great block of land but find your home isn’t up to scratch, you may be facing the choice or undertaking extensive renovation work or moving altogether. Though renovating can also breathe new life into a home, it can’t significantly change the style or structure of a home. This might prove difficult if you’d prefer a two storey for a growing family or prefer something a little modern than a tired brick home. Moving might not be a great option either, as you might not be able to find the right home in a similar area. This is when a knockdown and rebuild is the perfect solution for keeping your block of land and building your ideal home.

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Renovate versus knockdown and rebuild: What’s the best option?

Though adding an extension or undertaking extensive renovation work may seem like a cheaper option, there are a few factors you should consider before reaching for the hammer. Renovation work that involves extensive structural changes can often be as costly as a knockdown and rebuild or even higher. What’s more, is that there are limitations to exactly what you can do with renovation work. As a rule, if most of the house requires renovation work, it’s more worthwhile to arrange a knock down and rebuild instead.

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The Age of Your Home

The older the home, the more expensive renovation work will be. This is especially true if you’ve purchased a property that’s dilapidating or unliveable. This is a popular choice if there’s land available in a prime area, such as beachfront property, but the house has been left to deteriorate. In this case, it’s often much easier and cost effective to knockdown and rebuild homes. Older properties tend to constantly require renovation work and can be a never-ending money pit. If your home is old but doesn’t retain any of the character needed for a restoration project, it may be worthwhile knocking it down completely.

Market Conditions

At the end of the day, the biggest deciding factor when it comes to knocking and rebuilding is that you don’t want to be losing money if you decide to start over. The cost of your rebuild should not outweigh the value it adds to your property. If you’re living in an area close to the CBD or in desirable areas such as beachfronts and waterfronts, a knockdown and rebuild offer more reward than risk.

Build Where You Want

When you knockdown and rebuild homes, you have the option to build anywhere you want. As land in metropolitan areas grows exceedingly scarce, it’s harder now more than ever to find a suitable place to live that ticks all your requirements. A knockdown and rebuild allows you to find the perfect block of land and build your dream home without having to sacrifice on anything.

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