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Raise and Build Under


You may own your home and love your neighbourhood but need more space. Rather than move, you can raise the house and build underneath it. This turns your current home into the second storey of the house and lets you build another floor beneath it.

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Why build under?

You have probably seen this throughout Brisbane — a house on piers and pilings or louvers, while workers toil underneath. Those homes once raised must have a new foundation built under them with supports for the second floor. The living space beneath can consist of a finished basement or an open patio or a new ground floor level. Once workers complete the lower level, they attach it to the existing home, providing you with a two-floor home or more. You could have a basement built and a new ground level, providing a massive amount of added space.

Why would you build down instead of up? Three main reasons exist for building down instead of up.

  • The design of your current home cannot support a second storey.
  • You own a small plot of land with no space for an addition, also called an extension.
  • Your home sits in an area with a high risk for flood.
Livit Constructions
Livit Constructions

Cost of Building Under

Raising your home and building under costs much less than moving to a new home. The average cost in Brisbane to raise a home range from $15,000 to $80,000 with a typical cost of $25,000. That does not include the new building. To raise and build under in Brisbane can cost you up to $300,000 depending on the features of the storey you add. Bathrooms and kitchens cost more to add than bedrooms or a rumpus room. The average cost for the added space is about $35,500 though. Even when you add the two costs together, the typical raise and build under project costs much less than buying a new home. It also lets you remain in your current location to keep the neighbours you love and access to your preferred schools and shops.

Why We Excel at What We Do

There are several reasons why we excel at what we do. First, we are committed to building the best luxury custom homes available. Secondly, our team has a vast knowledge of construction and remodeling. We are also experts in building luxury outdoor living spaces that will extend your living space. When you select Livit Construction, you are choosing craftsmanship and quality. You can rely on the agreed upon budget and timeline. Throughout the process, you will experience the highest levels of customer service.

Livit Constructions

Working with Livit Constructions

Working with Livit Constructions, the house raising and build under specialist, provides you with peace of mind since we provide a warranty and work guarantee. Every building project we complete comes with a seven-year structural warranty and a three-month maintenance period. We provide an in-house licensed builder and project director, Kevin Timms, to help you put your dream house on paper, so we can build it for you.

At Livit Constructions, we understand how important the ideal living space is to you and your family. We work with you every step of the way and build your new home level just as you need it. Call Livit today about a raise and build under project.

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Livit Constructions
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Livit Constructions
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Livit Constructions
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Livit Constructions
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