Knockdown and Rebuild Your Home

Knocking down and rebuilding a house is a decision that requires careful consideration. Where do you begin? By first establishing if you have money set aside to rebuild your home. Most importantly, it would help if you have the best constructor by your side.

Most house owners don't wake up one and decide to tear down their own houses. Sometimes they may have realized that the design of the house is too ancient. Or that renovating would cost them more than rebuilding.

Like most homeowners, you might be blowing hot and cold. Hence you have arrived at this blog post. Please don't fret; we are about to guide you step by step. To make sure that the decision you're making is the right one, use the following tips:

Knock down rebuild vs renovation

So which is better between rebuilding a house and renovating it? While to most people renovating, seems like the best option, it might be more costly than tearing down and rebuilding a home.

Think about this: Renovating an Australian house would cost you $4,000 per square meter and can vary depending on the materials. You may pay up to $140,000 for a one-bedroom house.

So, knock down rebuild vs renovation suffice to say, knocking-down and rebuilding is a more cost-effective option.

Three reasons that justifies demolishing and rebuilding

You have been renovating your house for years, and now you get a sense that it's beyond repair. The last constructor suggested that you take it down. Deep down in your heart, you know the constructor is right. But your spouse is not buying it. She thinks that would be a big mistake.

"Some houses are beyond repair and need a new look," you try to convince her. She is still adamant that renovating is the best decision. You know that this  would be the wrong course of action. But how do convince her?

You mention some of your friends who have done it before. After rebuilding their houses, the value of their properties shot up; you remind her. But she is tone-deaf. Now you can smell divorce. You begin to wonder why you married her, but you can't give up just like that.

Use these three reasons instead:

  1. Local Council Has Height, Width, and Length Restrictions

Remind your spouse that there is no way you can extend your house. Use neighbors as an example to drive the point home.

"How many of our neighbors have extended their house in our street?" ask her. Tell her that the council restrictions are the main reason you should knock down the house. She is still not budging? Try the next tip.

2. Your Property Doesn't Give You Space for Additions.

Use limited space for additions as your reason to demolish the house. After all, extending your home also ruins the overall look of your home. And who wants to live in a zombie house? So, knocking down your house is the best decision.

3. It will cost you a fortune to renovate your house.

Use your limited budget as your last reason. This one should win her over. Does she agree to spend all your pension money on renovating an old house? Show her all the quotes from different construction companies, prove that renovating would cost you more than rebuilding.

Once your spouse agrees, consider these five factors before demolishing:

  1. Your location

Your location is one of the most crucial things that you need to consider. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your location allow you to demolish and rebuild?
  • How will the process of rebuilding your home affect neighbors?
  • Would it be possible to build a bigger house in the current space?
  • When you demolish your house, what would be the value of your area?

2.  Historical Value of the Home

Another factor that you should consider is the historical value of your home. If your house is next to a historic landmark such as a museum, rebuilding it might be a bad idea. In other countries, homeowners are restricted renovate a house that has historical value. However, you can always hire a company specializing in knock down and rebuilding services. They can demolish and build another home that has historical elements.

3. Emotional attachment to your old house

Last but not least, before knocking down your house, also consider emotional attachment. You need to know how your spouse feels about rebuilding. That's what will primarily drive the decision.  

So on knock down rebuild vs renovation, which one would be best for you? If you are still uncertain, give us a call today. We would love to hear from you!

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