Entertainment Room Ideas - Build the Perfect Netflix Room

An entertainment room can make for a very exciting addition to any home and offers endless opportunities to bond over a shared love of cinema. Add in the additional comfort of having a cinema experience from the comfort of your home, and it’s easy to see why home cinemas are steadily on the rise. If you’re thinking about transforming a spare room into a cinema room or find that your current home cinema isn’t quite up to scratch, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite entertainment room ideas in our handy guide below.

Go all out with the lighting

When it comes to entertainment room ideas, proper downlighting is paramount to creating the ultimate cinema experience. Soft, ambient lighting can instantly set the mood and can include overhead lighting, led strips, wall sconces or a combination of all three. These types of lighting can be dimmed from the comfort of your seat to create the ultimate cinema experience.

Create a concealable TV

If you don’t want your television to be the focus of your entertainment room design, consider incorporating some clever ways to conceal it. Though you could go all out with a pop-up mechanism (which are pretty exxy) there are some less expensive and more creative ways you can keep it covered. Using cabinet doors is a popular option and can help create a uniform look that goes with the rest of your décor. Or perhaps go all out with a custom-made media unit, which can be as bold or as reserved as you’d like. Other popular entertainment room ideas include creating a built-in hole in the wall, sliding art, or opting for a projector.

Use sound-absorbing materials

The last thing you need when watching a movie is for sound to be bouncing across the room or for outdoor noise to filter in. Acoustic panelling can reduce unwanted noise and echo distortion and improve the overall cinema experience. Unlike older versions, modern-day acoustic panels are very stylish and can be easily incorporated into a home’s existing décor. This will not only provide you with sonic clarity but also allows others outside the cinema to continue their activities undisturbed.

Add in a cinema-style riser

If you’re looking to create the ultimate immersive cinema experience, cinema risers are an incredibly fun upgrade to your entertainment room design. This is a good detail to add if you plan on having multiple rows of seats for your cinema room, as it ensures everyone can see the screen. Aside from functionality, cinema risers are the cherry on top to setting the mood and replicating what it feels like to go to the cinema. You can purchase chairs with a riser built-in or have a builder create one for you.

Install a bar

Go full bourgeoisie with your very own bar! Nothing goes hand in hand more than watching movies and sipping a nice glass of wine, so why ruin the experience by having to exit out the room mid-movie for a top-up? A bar and mini-fridge ensures you don’t miss out on any of the action and is especially important if you plan on watching any games on the big screen. Whether it’s simply to stock wine and beer, or a full cocktail station filled with shakers and stirrers, a bar can really set the mood and offer your cinema room a unique touch.

Interested in creating the ultimate cinema room?

Whether your current cinema room is looking a little dull or you’ve just moved into a new home with a spare room that needs some magic, our team at Livit Constructions can deliver a cinema space that packs a punch. For more entertainment room design tips or to see some of our work, book a consultation with Livit Constructions today by calling 0434 244 779, getting in touch online or emailing info@livitconstructions.com.au to get started on your project.

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