Best Staircase Design for Small Places

When you live in a small space, the last thing you want is large and bulky staircases consuming precious square footage. However, you still need a way to reach other levels of your home, so how can you have a functional but modest staircase design? There are a few options for adding a staircase to small places that may take up a little space while still being functional.

Keep reading to learn more about these interesting designs!

Compact Wood Stairs

While most spiral staircases tend to be metal, compact wooden stairs spiral around a black pole that you can use for support and safety when ascending or descending. Also, wood has a wide range of color painting or staining options, so they will fit with any décor.

Floating Staircase

As one of the best interior staircase designs for homes, a floating staircase hangs from the ceiling and is open underneath. This opens the apartment by allowing light to pass through, thus giving the perception of a larger apartment. Also, you have space to walk under the staircase or place storage.

Interlocking Narrow Stairs

One interesting design is tall, narrow stairs constructed from 100 pieces of steel rods, birch dowels, and birch plywood that interlock to create an aesthetically-appealing staircase with a distinctive look from all angles.

Minimal Black Staircase

A minimal black staircase is typically constructed from thin metal poles and has a vertical access point with a platform at the top to connect the doorway to the stairs. The design offers multiple bars to hold onto for safety and has a modern feel to help open a small space.

Pull-Out Staircase

The pull-out staircase is one of the best interior staircase designs for homes because it can be hidden into any wall when needed but immediately available when necessary. This creates significantly more space in a small apartment or condominium. While it is not recommended to reach second-level floors, if you have shorter multiple levels in your home, this is an excellent option.

Ribbon Staircase

The ribbon staircase is a modern stair design for your home that is more vertical than a traditional staircase, but highly efficient due to the wide treads. In addition to its functionality, this design creates a unique focal point within your home.

Sidewall Stairs

Stairs situated along the sidewall of the home are thin enough to barely consume space. Even the small footprint they assume can include storage cubbies that face the room to make them a more efficient design for your home.

Spiral Staircase

The spiral staircase is the perfect space-saving design that fits in a small corner and curves to the second floor. While this area could be used for a small amount of storage, the stair now does not need to be placed in the middle of the apartment, thus freeing up valuable square footage.

Staggered Wooden Staircase

The staggered wooden stairs have two ascending rows with the inner row against the wall and the outer row offset from the inner. This design doubles as storage shelves since they maintain a box-like design.

Storage Staircase

A storage staircase is a permanent fixture that looks like a normal staircase but the area below the step can be used as pull-out drawers. This grants you extra storage space while still allowing functionality to reach various levels. Best of all, the more steps you need to reach the second floor or other elevated areas of your home, the more storage you gain.

Super Vertical Staircase

A super vertical staircase is a more permanent version of using a ladder. This staircase type frees up space around the stairs but offers a sturdier method of reaching the next floor. Most of these options are wood and can be decorated to blend with your décor.

Thin Spiral Staircase

The thin spiral staircase is another one of the best interior staircase designs for homes because it compliments other black elements within your home without consuming much space since it’s a vertical, wrapping design.

There are countless staircase designs for small spaces that offer functionality, aesthetics, and an interesting focal point for your apartment. Before choosing the perfect design to meet the needs of your home, understand your target décor and design, as well as storage and functionality requirements. The designs listed in this article are an excellent starting point for motivation and inspiration! Happy designing!

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