The best kids room designs and decoration ideas

Kids room designs aren’t like they used to be. It’s tough creating a beautiful yet functional space for your little one to play, grow and yet also transition into once they get older. You want to keep it sophisticated and simple, letting the furnishings elevate the room without needing to change the superhero or fairy wallpaper and furniture a few years down the track.

Designing the perfect kids’ room will come with practice but we’re here to help with some advice and decorating tips. For starters it’s important to recognize your child’s current needs and wants so that you’re able to find the balance between what’s aesthetically pleasing, practical but is also a room that they love and want to be in.

Instead of splitting it up and going over boys bedroom ideas and then girls bedroom décor, we’ve kept it gender neutral so you can play around with both.

Here’s our top five decorating tips for creating or elevating your kids’ space.

  1. Keep it simple

To start off with, it’s an easy one for you as it helps keep the cost and furnishings down. By having a minimalistic style and décor, it’s allowing both more space for them to play and a neutral canvas for when they’re older.

Although not a choice for everyone, starting with the bare bones of the room is always an option. If you’re more inclined to invest in large quality pieces of furniture, you can always start with a simple double (or queen) bed and frame that’s both a “big kid” bed and large enough for when they’re older.

  1. Double up on storage

Kids room designs need to be well thought out. Which can make it very hard when wanting to add functionality and making it look wonderful too.

Adding storage bins to conceal their toys is always a great option. Hooks, book rails, and under the bed storage crates keep things organised and attractive.

If you try to keep some things at their height, it’ll be a great functional space that also allows them to interact independently in their room too. Including add ons like this will make a difference. For example, an alternative girls bedroom décor idea could be putting an extra second rail in their closet to not only allow more storage space but adding a mirror and a princess snow globe, so it’s a little spot to play dress ups too.

  1. Play with textures, patterns, and colours

Choosing a colour palette can be daunting. Especially if you were going to paint the whole room one solid colour all over. It might be easier to ditch the paintbrush and opt for classic cream walls and add a pop of colour with your décor instead.

Another thing that’s come around is removable wall decals and wallpaper. Whether it’s a pretty print or some glow in the dark options, it’s an easy, low-commitment way to add that pop to your child’s room. The best part is, once they outgrow it, you can remove it easily without peeling the paint or needing a fresh coat. Affordable and cute, yes please!

A different version of this can be found at many local art and crafts stores. They are now selling peel-and stick cork. You can cut out any shape (have fun mum and dad with your carving tools and projector) and include it as another temporary option where they can pin up their favourite pictures or collectables.

Apart from colour, textures and patterns help to add an element of flair to the room. If you choose a pattern or texture that’s quite simple it’ll be easy to keep around for when they’re older.

  1. Add a space for creativity

Creating a reading nook or a space where they can make art is both easy to set up and get rid of when they outgrow it and want it updated to a study desk, gaming station or makeup counter. Plus, it’s important to stimulate your child’s mind especially by allowing them a space to read a book or do some arts and craft – anything to get them away from the iPad for a while right?

Girls and boys bedroom ideas should revolve around the layout of the room. Even if you’re limited for space, adding a bean bag, chair, or rug to allow them to be creative adds a different element to their room.

  1. Final touches with some art and lighting

Kids room designs include a range of different colours, art, and spaces. But don’t forget lighting.

Teepees and tea parties adorned with fairy lights to race car driving tracks and whimsical star motifs. By adding some magic to your child’s room, it’ll be personalised, removable and an inviting space to play in. It’s important to make room for a little sparkle in their bedroom. There are many great girls and boys bedroom ideas like this all over the internet now but it’s important to make sure it’s whatever your child is interested in.

Every kid goes through a Lego, dollhouse, or arts and crafts phase. Basically, where they want everything that they play with or create to be put on display. Bookshelves and corkboards are easy (and not here to stay) options.

Although it may seem of-putting having to create a functional and beautiful space for your growing child, there are many different options and easy ways around it nowadays. Kids room designs can be made easy for you. New home builders, Livit Constructions have extensive experience when it comes to creating comfortable and functional beautiful spaces. They produce high quality rooms and have a team of professionals to help create and design the perfect kids room for you to ease you of all the stress and pressure. Call on 0434 244 779 send us an email or reach out today to request a quote or discuss your project plans with them and get your kids room Pinterest ready.

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