Best ways to extend your living space

Are you planning on reselling your home in the future or to just switch things up? Finding living space extension ideas for better spaces in your home is important. It's better if you know how to execute your living space extension ideas on a budget. The fact is that your house extension costs can vary according to what you prefer. However, it's easy to find a design idea that you can afford. Having a guide to help you with your ideas should help make the process less challenging for you. If you're uncertain about where you should start, you're not alone. This is why you should keep on reading to find out more about these living space extension ideas. 

Use the Garage Space

When you think of adding to your space, you should consider using what you already have. Your garage is the best place to start. For instance, you can think of adding a room as an extension to your garage. This is the easiest way for you to boost the value of your property. Moreover, it's a cost-effective way to add a room. It doesn't require you to extend your ground floor in comparison to building a new accessory dwelling unit.

But, there are a few things that you should consider before going this route. For example, find out if the existing foundation can manage the additional weight of an additional room. This is why it is essential for you to hire a professional contractor or architectural designer to guide you through the process. Not only will you find the most feasible way to execute your ideas, but you should also know how to extend your home without breaking your budget. 

Think of the Garden

Sometimes it may be impossible for you to extend near your property. As a result, you should think of using your garden if you're looking for living space extension ideas for better spaces. When it comes to extending your garden, the ideas are limitless. You can have a home office or even a home theater. Building an office in your garden is actually a great idea. Nowadays, there's a growing trend of working remotely. If you're someone who works from home, having your office in the garden area is a huge selling point if you are planning on reselling in the future. 

Even if the plan isn't to sell your home in the future, this addition should still be beneficial. You can always repurpose your office into an accessory dwelling unit. And if you enjoy hosting your friends and family, this space can come in handy for those BBQ's and game nights. 

Build a Porch

Are you planning on adding character to your living space? Adding a porch that can stylistically convert into a hallway is a great idea. The thing about a porch is that it's not only one of those living space extension ideas for better spaces, but it has a functional purpose. For example, if you have anything extra in your home, you can use your porch to practically store these items. If you don't have a hallway, then this is the simplest way to add one to your home. It also improves the aesthetic design of your home. 

Extend the Living Room 

When you think of living space extension ideas, you can't forget about your living room. Extending your living room is the most ideal way to make your entire space feel more spacious. This doesn't mean that you should add a new living room. Yet, if you have a few meters to spare, you can cleverly extend your living room space. Think of adding something unique such as a cloak room or even a utility room.

Another trend that you can consider is merging your outside space with your inside living room space. This is ideally suited for your living room if it overlooks your garden. To complete this look, you can add a variety of trees and colorful plants to add more character to your new extension. 

In summary, coming up with living space extension ideas for better spaces isn't as easy as you think it is. In fact, it not only requires a tremendous amount of creativity, but it also needs a flexible budget. As challenging as it may be, you should rest-assure that it will be rewarding in the end. It's always important for you to plan ahead with your ideas and budget. At the end of the day, you should easily extend your home while you increase its market value simultaneously. Find out more about living space extension ideas at Livit Constructions

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