Comfy living rooms: Tips and tricks

The living room is often one of a high traffic space in a household, so it’s worth putting some thought and care into creating a living room that’s warm, inviting, and makes you want to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a good book. To help you create the ultimate haven, we’ve come up with a list of our favourite ideas on creating comfy living rooms.

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Comfy living rooms: Tips and tricks

What are some living room ideas?

Choose natural colours

Natural colour combinations are perfect for comfy living rooms, as they help create a warm and inviting environment. Though white walls can look soft and inviting during the day, they tend to look stark and clerical if paired with fluorescent lighting. Off white, eggshell or soft beige are nice, gentle colours to introduce, as well as any lightened versions of colours commonly found in nature i.e., blue, and green.

Textures are key

When it comes to cozy living room designs, using different textures in your furniture and blankets is key to creating an inhabitable space. Think soft, fluffy blankets, smooth leather armchairs, a plush velvet chaise or colourful rugs. Paired with some vibrant artwork, eclectic cozy living room designs create a more lived-in look and adds some tactility to an interior design.

Create a reading nook

Imagine this, it’s raining outside, and you’re snuggled up under a blanket, reading a book by the window as you sip your cup of tea. Your cat is curled up next to feet, and you can hear gentle thunder rumbling in the distance. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Luckily, you can easily recreate this exact scenario by installing a reading nook in your living room – complete with a bookshelf too if you’d like!

Install a fireplace

When the world ‘cosy’ is uttered, there’s nothing that comes to mind more than a flickering fireplace. Perfect for those brisk winter nights, or a backdrop for a romantic cuddle, a fireplace is a sure-fire way to creating a cosy and comfortable living room atmosphere.

Incorporate timber

If warmth and comfort is the look you’re going for, you can’t go past timber. Whether it’s wooden floorboards, exposed beams or lighting pendants, timber can be used for pretty much any application. For something ultra cosy, consider pairing stone and timber, such as a stone fireplace for those cold winter months.

Go for the rustic look

If you want a home that’s rich with character, there’s no building material that offers as much warmth and depth as timber – even more so when paired with stone. Timber performs especially well as a feature wall or can be used throughout your entire living room for a streamlined look. Wooden floorboards are also a wonderful way to bring warmth into your home and can even add to your home’s value – win win!

Use smooth shapes and rounded edges

Smooth, curved edges can help make a living room appear more inviting as it almost gives the impression that it’s embracing you. Comparatively, straight lines and harsh ridges can make a room seem more austere. You can incorporate soft curves in the framework of your home, or by using circular furniture such as a round dining table or curved pendant lighting.

Add some plants

Whether you just want a couple of plants or prefer a mini jungle, adding some greenery to your living room can really liven it up. There are plenty of indoor friendly plants that can prosper without too much sunlight or maintenance, with succulents and bromeliads being a popular choice for living rooms.

Use some mood lighting

There’s nothing that disrupts living room designs more than harsh, fluorescent lighting. Floor lamps are a cost-effective way of creating ambience and can be used as a focal point or scattered throughout the space. Or you could invest in some dimmer switches to cast a soft, hazy glow with the flick of a switch.

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