Small houses with attic design

The attic house design has been around for a while and is going nowhere soon, thanks to the tiny house movements incorporating attic house design ideas into their creations. Although people associate them with thrift and austerity, small houses boast luxurious features and more convenience like ordinary houses.

Here are a few of them.

The Elsa

The Elsa is a 323 square foot small attic-design house built on an 8.5 foot by 28-foot trailer by Olive Nest Tiny Homes. Some small houses rely on heavy-duty trailer bed foundations for anchorage because their small size cannot allow a separate foundation. A full-sized front deck opens into an attached greenhouse, making the Elsa appear larger than it is and livable.

Don't let the small size deceive you. The Elsa features a full-sized kitchen with an oven, a stovetop, a bar, a living room, and a loft bedroom. The builders cleverly incorporated a pivoting bar in the kitchen for extra flexibility. Moving the bar close to the wall allows two people to eat comfortably. Don't worry if you receive unexpected guests, because you can pivot the bar out to make extra space for two more people at the table.

The tiny home includes several luxurious features, such as a four-burner gas, washer dryer combo, quartz countertops, a four-burner cooker cum oven, and original art pieces. The home also features live edge decorations made of reclaimed wood in Scandinavian style.

The builders incorporated creative storage space under the fridge and the staircase leading to the lofted sleeping area. The living room has a pull-out sofa for extra sleeping space. Pergo flooring, Lutrin lighting system, hardwood laminate flooring option, and windows for natural lighting complete the look.

The Tahosa

This tiny house features dark grey metal panels and wood finishes outside with many glass windows for natural lighting and fresh air supply. The Tahosa features modern attic house design with a living loft, a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It has a minimalist yet beautiful interior with lots of storage space for your stuff, such as clothes, utensils, and groceries.

Here's a short tour of this fantastic small house. The wood and glass door ushers you into the comfy interior.  The U-shaped living space is on your right with a sitting capacity of 6 people. Excess things such as essential house equipment can go into the storage area built above the living area. The loft, which is an indispensable feature of modern attic house design for small house is right above the living room and can be converted to a guest bedroom. Don't worry about the winter because the living room also has a fireplace.

The compact, chic but modern kitchen lies to your left with a refrigerator, countertop, copper sink, full-size storage cabinets, microwave/oven, and a gas burner.  A bathroom sits next to the kitchen and features a dry toilet, sink, vanity, mirror, and wall lights.

Sorry if you hate climbing because a flight of stairs leads to the loft bedroom. The loft space features a couple of windows, bedding, and double wall lamps for lighting. It can comfortably house two people.


Also called the Domestic Tiny House, this eye-catching house features some of the most exemplary Attic design for small house ideas. The uniquely shaped loft, multicolor siding, solar panels, and massive awnings characterize this piece by Tiny Idahomes. It has a long exterior of 8 feet ×7 foot by 26 foot including the roof overhang. The house is 13'5", including the trailer's height from the ground.

Don't worry about the lighting, because you will live in the light, literally. The K2 has many white vinyl sliding-type windows with 3-1/2" exterior trimming. That's lots of light, saving you the cost of installing expensive electrical lighting systems. There's a set of stairs that lead up to the loft with a uniquely shaped ceiling. You use a ladder hidden in a wall slot specially made for it to access the second loft. The K2 has a spacious room right below this second loft for a living room, bedroom, or even a study room.

The dining room is located towards the left with a flipping extension to expand it if more dining space is needed. Another unique feature is the stove. The builder placed it in a little nook under the steps leading to the first loft. The fridge sits to the right of the stove with a microwave above it, completing the beautiful backsplash look. This creates more room for drawers, counter space, and cabinets across the stove.

The bathroom features granite tile shower walls that resemble marble, giving the bathroom a luxurious feel. They're also a washing machine to top it all, thus eliminating the need for the weekly laundromat trip. The spacious bedroom is in the lofts, and you can use the other loft as a guest bedroom.


Those are some of the best tiny houses with modern attic house design the market has to offer. The choice is yours.

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