Creating a Welcoming Guest Room – Guest Room Designs That Work

If you’ve got a spare room you’d like to turn into a guest room and would like something a little interesting than adding a few throw pillows, it’s worth making a few design changes to create a space that’s warm, welcoming and acts as a multi-use space. In todays article, we provide our top tips to creating a welcoming guest room that’s so good, you’ll want to spend time in it yourself.

Biophilic design

Biophilic design is set to take over 2021 as one of the biggest guest room designs trends, incorporating elements of nature to increase connectivity and contribute to good health. This design recognises humans inherent need to be connected to nature and focuses on adding natural elements like timber and plant life into interior fixtures. This can be done by closing the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces with large windows, creating green feature walls or choosing wallpaper that incorporates nature like flowers, trees, or animals.

Create a reading nook

There’s something so effortlessly charming and tranquil about a reading nook, which can be created by simply popping in a bookshelf and adding a comfortable leather chair or by building in a window seat under the window – complete with a floating shelf or in-built bookcase. When it comes to creating a welcoming guest room, a reading nook allows your guest a personal reprieve from the rest of the household and allows them to unwind in their own space.

Add an accent wall

If you don’t want to commit to adding wallpaper to an entire room, consider creating an accent wall. This could be done by adding a mural design, timber panelling or stone masonry, to name a few. An accent wall is a great way to break up the look of a room and draw focus onto certain areas, such as above the bedhead. It’s recommended you opt for natural materials or neutral colours and patterns, as bold ones can be polarising or disruptive to a sleep pattern.

Pendant lighting

If you’d prefer a touch of class when creating a welcoming guest room, pendant lighting is a sure-fire way to make a statement. Timber pendant lighting is especially popular, as it doubles as both a natural element and a way to spice up a room. This kind of lighting goes well with timber flooring and furniture, creating a seamless look of sophistication that is both warm and luxurious.

Create a loft sleeping area

If you’re lacking in space horizontally, consider taking your bed area up a level. A loft like sleeping area not only makes the most out of vertical space but gives you more area for smart storage solutions too. It also adds nuance and visual interest to a space, especially if incorporated with a small set of stairs. This can be done by having a builder create a small mezzanine to create a split-level room where the bed can be placed.  This then gives you more room to add furniture to the rest of the room, such as a small lounge or reading area.

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