Current Home Design Trends

Gone are the days where minimalism and bold colour schemes reigned supreme, as new home design trends see a focus on natural elements and eclectic knick knacks. Whether it’s a result of the world’s collective growing concern for the environment, or a need to get back to basics, nature inspired architecture and decor show no signs of slowing down. Read on to see some of the current home design trends we’ve spotted, and why they’ve become so popular in Australian homes.

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Unfitted kitchen

What is an unfitted kitchen, you ask? An unfitted question is a free standing kitchen that doesn’t follow the conventional layout of a traditional kitchen. It typically features rollable kitchen islands, and units and furniture that are eclectic and mismatched. This laidback design is perfect for those who don’t wish to commit to a kitchen design, as pieces can easily be swapped out or updating without ruining the whole look. Unfitted kitchens are a great option for those on a low budget, as it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of a standard kitchen. Of course, an unfitted kitchen still comes with a sink, stove, and prepping space, but typically has less cabinetry.

Soft curves

Inspired by the wacky, eclectic curvy furniture of the 1960s and 1970s, architects are starting to incorporate curves into building design such as circular windows, curved lines, and rounded arches. If done well, curves are a wonderful tool to draw attention to certain focal points and move you through spaces in a soft, and gentle manner. A skilled architect can help streamline the design of a home and open up spaces gradually, as opposed to the harsh and abrupt corners of linear walls. If you’d like to incorporate curves into your home without the commitment of a build, curved furniture such as rounded tables and artwork is a wonderful way to add some warmth into your home.

Adding in some extras

As anyone who has a sunroom of reading nook will tell you, it’s often the first thing people mention when they enter a room. Whether it’s to add in a little cushioned area for a family pet or installing a kitchenette, adding in some extras can help to create a multi functional space. This is especially advantageous for inner city apartments, as it helps to create a seamless flow between rooms. Popular current home design trends include installing a mini laundry next to an open plan kitchen, adding in extra benchtop space, or creating a study corner in a bedroom.


Terrazzo is one of those materials that’s truly got it all. It’s eco-friendly, incredibly versatile, and built to last. Created using a mixture of recycled glass and granite, marble and quartz, Terrazzo offers a unique alternative to standard building materials. Terrazzo works incredibly well in kitchens and bathrooms and be used to make everything from tiles to counter benchtops. You can opt for something a little bolder, such as Terrazzo tiles filled with large chips of glass or go for the classic small specked design. Either way, Terrazzo is a beautiful material that goes with pretty much anything.

Biophilic design

Biophilic design incorporates elements of nature into man made spaces and can be as simple as adding furniture made from natural materials like wood or arranging furniture to hit the brightest spots of the home. When it comes to building a home, Biophilic design aims to bring the outside world in and can be done by adding greenery to external walls or creating large windowpanes in lieu of walls. Consideration is given to views, orientation, ventilation and building materials, and various visual and auditory elements that help people connect and get closer to nature.

Natural colours

Given that home design trends are leaning towards the eco friendly side, it’s likely that colour schemes will skew towards the natural side too. Natural colours imbue a sense of health and wellbeing and can help make a room feel serene. Any hue that can be seen in natural material, such as clay colours, soft blues and eucalypt greens is sure to reign supreme when it comes to fashionable interior colours. These colours mix perfectly with wooden furniture and pot plants, which will add to the natural, tranquil atmosphere of the room.

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