Entryway Designs for the Modern Home

An entryway is often one of the most overlooked rooms when it comes to design, but it sets the tone for the rest of your home and gives guests their first impression. Whether you’re working with a small apartment foyer or an awkward layout, there are plenty of entryway designs you can incorporate to create a warm and inviting space. Read on for some of our best tips and tricks to creating a beautiful entryway that will make a lasting impression below.

Incorporate some artwork

Incorporating some artwork into your foyer is one of the cheapest ways to add a bit of flair – unless of course you’re going for professional art. Colourful abstract paintings make for a wonderful first impression, and work especially well if they’re oversized and placed directly above furniture. For an extra punch, consider matching some of the colours in the painting to furniture pieces, which you can do by choosing either the furniture or artwork first.

Patterned floors

Though wooden floorboards are always a crowd favourite, there’s just something very exciting about patterned floors. Abstract tiles can instantly add some dimension and personality to an entryway and can be paired with eclectic furniture and colourful artwork for a powerful sensory experience. Entryway patterned floors can also be used to encourage directional flow by tapering into another room or to create zones within a room. Popular patterned tiles include Herringbone, Versailles, Provenzia and Terrazzo.

Designer Lighting

Decorative lighting is essential to capturing a mood, which is why incorporating it into entryway designs is key to conveying a feeling. This can be done by adding soft lighting throughout the hallway and leading into another room, or using opulent, decorative lighting to create a strong focal point. Or lighting can be used to draw attention to a certain feature of the room, by residing above it and casting down a beam of concentrated light.

Install a Feature Wall

When it comes to entryway designs, a feature wall gives you the perfect opportunity to play around with different materials, colours, and patterns. It can be something as simple as a bold colour, or a little more architectural minded such as stone masonry, timber accents, or geometric tile work. When paired with designer lighting, a feature wall makes a striking impression and adds a layer of depth and dimension to a space.

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Built-In Shelving

Short on space? If your entryway is short on floor space, smart storage such as cut-out shelving is a simple and elegant solution that instantly adds some character. This could be a built-in shelf for guests to place their shoes and umbrellas, or a charming bookshelf filled with classics and the odd pot plant. Pair it with wall hooks for guests to hang their hat, and this comprehensive storage area will bring the space to life.

Add a Statement Mirror

If your entryway is on the smaller side, adding a statement mirror provides both a focal point to your room and gives the illusion of more space. This is especially effective if it faces a window or door, as reflecting the outside world can make the room feel more open.  Considering the entryway and hallways tend to be the narrowest parts of a house, adding in artistic mirrors can instantly transform a dull space into something more dynamic.

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