How a Home Extension Can Expand Any Small Home

If your home's limited space is crowding your family, there are small house extension ideas that can provide more living space and add value to your property.

Outgrowing your small house doesn't mean you have to move. Home extension is the best option for small homes. Even with a limited budget, there are ways to design a more suitable space for your family. You can enlarge a tiny dining area, create more space for a home office, add a modest loft, or build a new porch. You can even use thoughtful designs to make your existing space look roomier with the creative addition of glass panels.

Consider small house extension ideas with a reputable builder who can offer designs that will make the most of your home and meet your growing needs. You can use these and other design ideas to add both space and value to your home.

Whether you want to maximise loft space with a loft conversion or add more living space downstairs with a basement conversion, we've got all the advice you need. Or perhaps you want to up the square feet at the front of your house by adding a porch or bring more light into your home and connect to the garden by building an orangery, the options are abundant.

Porch addition

One way to add livable space to your small home is by adding a porch to the front. The addition of a new porch can provide a useful buffer to mother nature in a home that features a front door that opens into a living space. You can add a small hallway along with your new porch addition to give a sense of more space.

Expand into a garage

An existing garage can help solve your space limitations, making it one of the top choices among small house extension ideas. If your garage is attached to the home, converting it into a living space may be one of the easiest ways to enlarge your house. But you will want to consult a trusted real estate expert to determine whether the elimination of an attached garage will decrease the value of your property. Even if comparable homes in your area have attached garages, the additional living space may outweigh the loss of that feature.

Covered walkway

You can also use your detached garage as a way to increase the size of your small home. Consider adding a covered walkway that links the house to the garage. Even if you decide not to convert the detached garage into a living space, the added walkway will help increase the real and perceived available space in your home. Designing the walkway with glass walls will also give a greater sense of space and bring more natural light into your home.

Add glass to embellish size

If the structure allows, you can add a small extension to the back of a converted and finished basement using glass panels for the roof or walls. The glass will help make the space appear larger and it will bring in more natural light, which also helps give the room a more spacious feel.  

When discussing possible designs, consider long lengths of glass at the top or along the sides of any extension as a way to give the space a larger feel. A window or skylight can help exaggerate the length and height of a room. Large single panes are perfect for this effect, but they can be expensive. 

Rear extension

If the design of your home allows, consider adding a single story extension at the back of your house. This extension could serve to expand the kitchen, living room or even a bedroom. With such an extension, you may have enough space in the design to add another internal room that can be used for laundry, an office space or some other purpose. This extension design has the added bonus of expanding your small home in two areas. You can improve the design even more by considering using glass in some areas to add a greater sense of space in your new rooms.

There are a variety of ways you can get more use out of your small home. Discuss options for small house extension ideas with a builder you trust to handle the job.

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