Master Suite Design Ideas for Your Next Build or Renovation

If you’re thinking it’s time for a change with your bedroom, you might find yourself having trouble coming up with bedroom remodelling ideas. This may be because you’re tired of the colour scheme, can’t function comfortably in it anymore, or even attribute negative feelings to the space. Or you could be planning on selling and find that the bedroom fails to entice any potential buyers. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to know where to start and what’s worth investing in, which is why we’ve compiled a few of our favourite master suite design ideas to help you create a bedroom that feels brand new. Check out our list of master suite design ideas below for tips and tricks on creating the perfect bedroom sanctuary.

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Incorporate nature

The presence of timber is proven to have calming abilities and offers numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and encouraging positive social interactions. Biophilic elements such as timber, stone, and plants, not only bring some warmth to a bedroom but can even help aid a night’s rest.  Adding timber to your bedroom can be as simple as installing some wood panelling as a feature wall or incorporating natural finishes like wooden flooring.

Upgrade your flooring

Flooring can make or break a bedroom, with something as simple as outdated carpet instantly dragging down the entire look. A bedroom should ideally be warm and inviting, which is why timber flooring works particularly well as a replacement for carpet. When choosing timber flooring, genuine hardwood is one of the most popular options as its warm, durable, and hard wearing.

Shake things up with a new colour

If you naturally lean towards a neutral colour palette, consider changing things up a bit and choosing something a little bolder. While whites, beiges and creams will always reign king, but nature-based colours such as strong forest greens and dark ocean blues can instantly transform your bedroom into a cosy, cocoon like space. Paired with timber and bespoke lighting, a darker palette can give a bedroom some much needed depth and dimension.

Create a focal point

A bedroom should be a calm space, so too many features competing with one another can instantly add a feeling of disharmony. The standout feature could be some form of furniture like a beautiful leather armchair, or a feature such as a timber pendant light, brightly painted feature wall or an ornate bed head.

Make a statement with your en suite

Though adding square footage to a bedroom is unlikely to have a return on investment, upgrading a tired looking bathroom to something a little more opulent is guaranteed to get a good response should you ever choose to sell. Glamour baths and roomy showers with dual shower heads are becoming all the rage and can help a potential buyer envision themselves living there.

Expand closet space

If there’s enough room in your bedroom to allow it, consider expanding your closet space and adding built in shelves and storage. A walk-in wardrobe not only improves the look of your bedroom and adds an extra touch of class, but it can often be a major selling point for prospective buyers. Though it’s a simple feature, buyers who’ve seen their fair share of small, claustrophobic closets will view it as a must have addition.

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