Summer Holiday Home Building Plans

Deciding to build a vacation home can open the realm of possibilities. There are many considerations to ponder and decisions to be made during the process. You may be dreaming of a beach home with the ocean outside of your front door.  Perhaps it’s a home in the woodlands where you can escape to enjoy nature in the summer and sports in the wintertime. Whatever strikes your fancy, the team at Livit Constructions in Brisbane can bring holiday home building ideas to life.

Selecting the Right Location

When you decide the area where you want to build your vacation home, you still need to get down to the neighborhood level to select the right piece of land. A home’s location can impact its value so it’s important to spend some time getting to know the area. While your home can eventually be upgraded to increase its value, the neighborhood location can’t ever change.

Consider the Footprint

Many popular vacation areas have competitive real estate markets. This makes considering a vacation home with a narrow footprint to allow you get the most from your investment. This is particularly true in beach communities. Beyond making the most of the plot, homes with a narrow footprint are often more energy efficient. This is part of the holiday home design ideas that you need to consider.

Consider the View

Should you ever decide to sell your vacation home, the view is one of the first things that potential buyers look at. Also, a pleasant view, whether it is the ocean, timberland or mountains is good for health and mental wellbeing, as well as increasing your enjoyment of your vacation home.

Site Safety

Some locations may have inherent safety challenges to any structures that are built on it. When you are looking for holiday home building ideas, consider any potential challenges the plot of land may face.  Near the ocean, it will be the consistent salt air and potential storms.  Constant exposure to direct sunlight can present risks to a structure. When these are identified, the builder can adjust plans accordingly so that the vacation home lasts.

Considerations for Beach or Waterside Homes

If you are dreaming of a home on the beach or a body of water, these homes require several holiday home building ideas. The land near the ocean or lakes and rivers is either sandy or not as stable. Look into the area an see if it is prone to flooding. This is why many of these types of homes are built on elevated foundations.

Floor Plan

One holiday home building ideas is to consider an open floor plan. When you’re enjoying your vacation home, you’re relaxing and enjoying the world outside your windows. Having an open floor plan can increase the amount of sunlight that can enter the home. It also gives you flexibility when it comes to furniture placement and areas for activities. You’ll also want include features for entertaining friends and family. This can include a dining room, breakfast area and kitchen features that all you to welcome others comfortably into your vacation home. A flexible floor plan helps to achieve this goal.

Consider the Future

If you are planning on keeping your vacation home for many years to come, you may even plan to retire there eventually. This means that you need to consider your and your family’s future life. While you may not have any mobility problems now, this may change as you age. Having a two story home may make it more difficult to access upper rooms. This should not be seen as a barrier but just something that you need to think about as you plan your new vacation home.

The Bottom on Home Design

When you are in your beautiful new vacation home, you want to be comfortable and be able to relax. You also want to be able to entertain friends and family in your new home. The bottom line though is that you need to consider your vacation home as an investment. When you are not in the home, it can become an income stream. If you have chosen a desirable location, people will also want to vacation there.

When you are looking for holiday home building ideas, the team at Livit is ready to help. Where you need design assistance or decide to choose from one of our established plans, you will have a home that you can treasure for many years to come. When you’re looking for a knowledgeable team to help plan your new vacation home, look no further than Livit Constructions.

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