2021 Home Design Trends

Although 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, it’s also allowed a lot of us the opportunity to reconnect with our homes. There’s no better time than before the new year, to have a look at upcoming trends in home décor that you can incorporate in your space. During quarantine many of us have used this time to ensure that our living space is functional yet beautiful and is adorned with pieces and styles that reflect us along with sentimental tokens of the outside world and what we’ve experienced or treasure.

We take a look at some interior design trends 2021 has in store for us.

1. As mentioned previously, there has been a steady rise in creating a space that is nostalgic and comforting. A modern take on traditional décor with curved or sculptural furniture, wicker and the notorious 90’s arched windows and walkways. Breathing a new life into your space, you can incorporate your families old furniture with a modern twist that will allow the style of the room or house to transcend.  Let your fond memories and personality be your guiding force when styling and don’t be afraid to use soft wallpapers and saturated colours.

Accent pieces that have that 80’s retro feel with finishing’s of gold, glass, marble and lacquer are noticeably one of the most popular 2021 home design trends. It will immediately set the tone of your room or home by adding that modern chic styling. For example, adding a matte gold sink and tap instantly elevates the room and is a trend that won’t go out of style anytime soon. For professional expertise and help to add these touches, new home builders Brisbane locals rely on are always here to help make your dream home and space a reality.

2. Sustainable furniture and artisan made materials is certainly one of the most popular upcoming trends in home décor. With a resurgence in trendy textures such as rattan and cane furniture and natural fabrics and textiles, many people are veering towards upcycling by restoring the old or choosing pieces that have been locally made. Bringing these consciously crafted designs are a top priority for many.

A natural and simple approach in terms of styling and furniture are probably one of the top interior design trends 2021 is sure to bring. Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian and Japanese styles who are instrumental in paving the minimalistic and yet functional way, they have also been known to consistently use natural and organic materials and using lighter toned wood items. In bathrooms, many are using quartz as they offer a non-porous surface that is also less vulnerable to developing bacteria, an important aspect to consider in moist surroundings such as bathrooms. Low maintenance but also providing a sleek finish when paired with neutral or warm colour palettes.

Many people when building or renovating are also allowing space for adaptability so that it keeps in the theme of sustainable living and allows for growth and change through the years with minimal waste. Whether you’re wanting to incorporate these natural elements in the building of your home or furniture pieces, it’s always a good idea to look and talk to people in the industry regarding home renovations Brisbane locals love

3.As neutral walls have always been all the rage, 2021 is predicted to bring bold colours that fill entire walls and even rooms. Many people believe that this trend is inspired by peoples disconnect with the outside world and their yearning to add their own personality with an intense palette. As one of the upcoming trends in home décor, adding a splash of colour like this to places like your kitchen adds an eccentric flair or an inviting calm depending on what colour and tone you opt for.

In saying this, neutral colour palettes never go out of style and are ideal for creating intimate and welcoming environments. Dulux’s colour of the year for 2021 is Brave Ground where they encourage people to take from their natural, earthy tones filled with plums, deep reds, rust and warm greens in order to add that sense of coziness or sophistication to your home.

4. Futuristically we have started to lean towards SMART technologies as one of the top 2021 home design trends including luxurious, smart toilets and bidets. With upcoming hands free, self-closing and touch free flushing to make cleaning way easier than traditional toilets, it’s the ultimate splurge and way forward. As hygiene is taken more seriously especially after this year, we’re constantly evolving and thinking of new, innovative ideas to help make life easier and cleaner. Have a look at incorporating technology such as voice-activated appliances, cooktops with sensors and even basic recessed handles, push open and close doors or hooking up to your smart system are other great ideas moving forward.

5.Bringing the outside in and using materials we’ve never used before is one of the interior design trends 2021 is bringing over from 2020. Having contact with nature has become one of the most important aspects we’ve craved this year and after including these in your house designs, choice of wooden or rattan furniture or decorating it with shells, straw, or other materials, adding plants is the last element. A simple way to bring the outside in apart from the obvious house plants is using dried flowers. They’re a great cheap way to bring natural, delicate textures into your space. There are many residential builder Brisbane residents trust that can help you to create spaces that have built in plants or room for integrating nature inside.

We’re all looking forward to a fresh start next year and there’s no better time to renovate or build your home with these 2021 home design trends that are shaping the industry. Get in touch with LIVIT who can make your dream home a reality – call or get in touch with us today.

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