A guide to House raising and building

One of the growing trends that we are seeing in Brisbane and nearby areas is the interest in house raising and the need to know everything about house raising. This process requires a team of construction specialists who can safely lift your home from its current foundation and add in the desired raised floor that you are seeking. There are several benefits of house raising, if this is something that you are on the fence about doing to your home and need to know everything about home raises. Below is a guide to house raising and built under areas for your home. 

Reduce Flood Risk

One of the biggest benefits of house raising is the chances of flooding reduced with each inch you raise your home. When flooding waters enter your property, they do so from the ground up. This means that your foundation, walls, cabinets and furniture are instantly affected by the water. When you raise your home, you are minimizing the flood risk. With a crawl space added below the foundation, the flood waters will settle there first before coming up into the home, saving you lots in flooding repair.

Easy and Convenient Home Repair

With the addition of a crawl space in your home raising, you can make changes and tend to maintenance for your water, sewer and HVAC lines that are in your home. Without a crawl space, All of these systems are forced together within the walls of your home and hard to reach when it is time for maintenance. If you have a small foundation but want to add crawl space when you raise your home, you allow room for those who are working to access, change out any pipes and do so without disturbing the interior of your home.

Level Your Home

If your current foundation is not level or you are having issues when your home settles, then a home raising is the best option. With a raised foundation, you can easily add new shims to your foundation if the house settles and the home becomes slightly unlevel. On a flat slab home, you have to repair the entire slab, which can be quite expensive and completely avoidable.

Maximize Your Living Space

If you are relocating pipes and wires to the crawl space of your home, then you are getting that romm back to use as living space. Also, you have the option to add porches and decks to your home, maximizing your overall living space at once. You can add things like a front porch to your home or a screened in porch on the back. Some homeowners opt for open deck spaces, that can be used in a variety of ways.

Pest Control

When you raise your home and get it off of the ground, you are getting it away from the dfifernt pests that lurk at ground level. Instead of taking shelter inside your living space, they may find space in your crawl space that is raised, or away from your home altogether. Most of these pests are looking for warmth and areas they can hide. If you have experienced ground dwellers in your home prior to raising your home, you can expect this to be reduced significantly. 

Home Insulation 

When your home is sitting directly on the ground, there is no barrier for the colder months to protect your home. When you have your home raised, you are able to use the wood and other materials in the crawl space area to insulate your home, capturing and maintaining the temperatures within your home. They cannot escape to the ground or suffer from the changing temperature of the ground. 

Uplifting View

When you have your home lifted during a home raising, the view that you have will shift upward, and give you that uplifting feeling. With a new perspective allowing you to see higher, you are often able to see further and have another level of security. This also gives a look of elagance since classic homes were built with a lifted foundation. 

Need More Information?

Our guide to house raising and built under options provides the leading benefits of house raising and how it can help your home in the long term. This is an investment that will change the quality and longevity of your home. To schedule a consulation, contact LIVIT Constructions today. 

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